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Doc Watsons Boxing update: Fury v Wilder – The Gypsy King and The Bronze Bomber

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

So in less than 24 Hours we will know who is Heavy Weight Champion of the world, Anthony Joshua aside of course. Wilder v Fury is a fascinating match up as its easy to see how the fight could be won by either man and how it could take on different forms. Anyone who says the fight will only go one way is either blindly over confident or lacking imagination. Will Wilder blast out Fury who has been largely inactive for over two years, or will he get Fury later in the fight with the kind of power that has seen him KO every man he has fought. Or will Fury, who appears to be in the shape, mentally and physically of his life, bamboozle and befuddle Wilder, out boxing him on his way to a points victory. Or here is another one, will Fury KO Wilder later in the fight after confusing him, out boxing him and wearing him down.

If you listened to my last Boxing update on the Primal Radio Podcast, you will know I have been predicting a Wilder win, by KO or stoppage since this fight was made. My logic was simple, Wilder carries the better form into the fight, he is more active, more consistent, and you know he is fit and carries devastating power. Wilder will try and keep trying even if behind, and sure he will catch Fury either early or late. And with Tyson Fury there are many unknowns and questions marks.

But as the fight has drawn closer, as I thought would be the case, the interest as risen sharply, make no mistake this is a very big fight and so it should be. If Fury were to win, it would be the most remarkable of comebacks. Never mind the time out of the ring, think about the mental and physical elements Fury has had to overcome. The depression, the drink and boy can he drink. The drugs. The weight. If you listen to Fury now, he is an improved version of himself. Who would have thought we would say this of a man many wanted out of boxing or at the least felt was embarrassing the prestige of being the Heavy Weight Champion of the World, but he is now a genuine inspiration. The fight could go many ways, but I expect it to be rather ugly and at times, be fought at much close range than you might expect from two men who stand at six feet seven and six feet nine. This would suit Fury who boxes well in close for such a tall and long guy, and would remove some of Deontay’s leverage that he needs for his long range missiles. Wilder is probably capable of showing more boxing skills than he is generally credit with, but I don’t think he will against a fluid and diverse mover like Fury who will also switch Southpaw. Wilder will throw his bombs and if they connect, it could be all over very quickly, at any stage of the fight. That hasn’t changed, we knew that all along.

What we didn’t know was just how well Fury would get his act together. There is a refreshing truth and honestly to him now, he has nothing to hide behind, its all been stripped bare, and he has embraced it and shown his true fighting character in massive measure. So its now that I say, I am leaning towards a late stoppage or points win by Fury after out boxing Wilder to a point that he gets tired and ragged and beat down by accumulations of punches and his own missed shots. Sure Fury doesn’t punch anything like Wilder and he is far more cautious, but he can box and If he is as together as I believe then he will severely out box Wilder.

Maybe I have gotten carried away by the Fury express, and the original logic will prove right, but sometimes the heart and head come together and it feels good, it would be even better if I am right and I make a few quid in the process. In less than 24 hours we will know and all talk will be of who will face Anthony Joshua in 2019.

Before I settle down to watch the big fight at my local in Tokyo with a Sunday Roast and nice pint of Japanese beer, tonight a very long a way from L.A. Staples centre I will be at the Tokyo Dome where over Eighteen years ago Buster Douglas did the unthinkable and knocked out Mike Tyson. There aren’t any big titles up for grabs here and I doubt anyone would even know about it outside the Japanese hardcore. I will be watching a gym mate called Bladimir Argeny Baez Taveras aka ‘Distino Japan’ I know, what a ridiculous nick name, but it’s a damn sight easier than his real one, fight Yusuke Konno. Its over Eight rounds, and no one will be paid much. Just, Pride and Passion and Victory the heartbeat of boxing. Destino is coming off a TKO loss so Kunno is carrying the form into the fight. I hope my guy does the business though, he a real nice bloke, and that’s enough for me.


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